Urban fantasy, young adult

The west coast (“best coast”, IMO) is a inevitable theme in all my works. As a second generation Californian, I can’t stop myself from using the settings of my native state, even as I have lived the last 30 years in the Pacific northwest.

Tropical beach

“Witch’s Child” by Hunter Morrison is set in Southern California, near San Juan Capistrano. The town of Escudillo, of course, is not known to ordinary dwellers of the beach towns, as you will find when you read it. I grew up in Northern California, but my father was born in Los Angeles. Thus why I can’t leave the place alone.

abstract nature background with lighthouse and stars

However “Finding the Eye”, also by Hunter Morrison, lives in Seattle. When we first moved here, Georgetown and the Duwamish waterway were funky and working class, and the old Rainier Brewery was a warren of artist studios. When Jules Mae re-opened in the early 2000’s, we became regulars. (I need to write an entire blog about that era of my life.) At any rate, Georgetown has greatly evolved (perhaps devolved) into hipster-ville. The Hat and Boots were hauled away from the old gas station site on East Marginal Way to Occidental Park on Corson. But Maxine and Dante still hang out around there.