More Alternative Truths

I have a new story out — not historical, unless a story that takes place in the near future could be considered meta-historial or whatever. At any rate, this remarkable collection includes many heavy hitters in the Big Game of political protest fiction and poetry.

In the Amazon description, I get a special call out:

More Alternative Truths is an exploration of the potential consequences of today’s politics in our daily lives. More than our individual lives, but our American identity. . . .

. . . There is something for everyone. Coping. How do we cope? This painful question is explored by three of our best and brightest. Jill Zeller, a woman who won’t write of Elves, has given us “A Woman Walks Into a Bar,” an affirmation of our own choices. Coping is also explored brilliantly by Karin L. Frank and Kerri Leigh Grady in their stories “HMO” and “Final Delivery.”

Available on Amazon right now!